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Welcome to Voxus Communication LLC

Image ContentVoxus Communications is a privately held Enhanced Communications Service company headquartered in 8901 Kennedy Blvd. Suite 300, North Bergen NJ 07047. The company main goal is bring you high quality communications networks between the United States and many of the most difficult to reach destinations in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East at the lowest cost possible. The company specializes in PIN LESS, hard cards & more. Voxus Communications resells international service over its network to the world's major global communications companies. The company has built a worldwide reputation for providing premier quality and service to an elite group of customers. This exceptional quality is derived from two components: (i) the company's next generation global VOIP switching network using multiple tier one IP backbones for maximum redundancy and exceptional global public peering, (ii) and the company's proprietary network management and routing software.

The communications industry is extremely dynamic and is characterized by intense competition. Individuals continuously seek new products and services at lower prices. New products and technologies are being introduced at an incredible speed. These changes have enabled the traditional wireless carriers, calling cards, and virtual calling cards companies to offer similar services and blur the lines of their industries. For some years now Voxus Communication has been able to help communication companies compete effectively in this challenging operating environment. Introducing new products and services requires companies to introduce new support processes, improving and making better PINLESS system for our customers and distributors. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of the industry, Voxus Communication teams are able to quickly and efficiently identify the necessary changes to business processes and implement effective process and system changes to meet each customer's desired business objectives.

Voxus Communication also understands that changes are often forced on communication companies through mergers and regulatory agencies. Initiatives driven by these events require communications companies to quickly assess the impacts to their processes, systems, and data and make the required changes within aggressive timelines. Voxus Communication's nimble team approach and industry knowledge enable us to ensure our customers are able to successfully meet these timelines.